What is Mobile App Development
What is Mobile App Development

Welcome to knowledge sharing section of TechMohalla, a software development and consultations company. In this article we will understand what is mobile application development ?

As we can see the devices like mobile has brought revolution in the field of technology . Technology which were considered a very complicated process but in today’s time this complicated technology has shaped the world nicely by bring by bringing the continents on a finger tip .

Nowadays mobile is a handy technology which makes our life better and prettier. Not only this but also it has shaped the way of doing traditional business. Here we must understand mobile technology has not eliminated any traditional business but instead it has created more business and employments. Thus the role of mobile technology is tremendous in social , economical and environmental development of the society.

Like web application development , it (mobile application development) is also a set a process and procedures involved in writing software for small, wireless computing devices. Unlike web development this mobile app development has its root in more traditional software development. However, the key difference is the mobile apps are written specifically to take advantage of the unique features of a particular mobile device offers.

In the early phase of mobile development the software developers developed the native apps for a particular device. But at present mobile development focuses on building apps that are device agnostic. This device agnosticism is the capacity of computer component to work with the various systems without requiring any special adaptations. In other words it refers to anything which is designed to be compatible across most common systems.

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