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What is BlockChainTechnology ?

What is BlockChain Technology

Blockchain is, of course, a new job sector with a known path to success. Therefore, if you are thinking about whether it is good to choose as a career or not, then the answer is certainly yes. We all are familiar with a term BitCoin, a virtual or digital currency and the technology behind it […]

Why TikTok banned in India ?

Why TikTok Banned in India

The Chinese video app TiKTok also knwon as Douyin (vibrating sound) in China, got banned in India. TikTok app is already banned in Bangladesh and has been fined in the US for illegally collecting information. In a very short span of time It has made a large number of users in India itself but in […]

What is Software Maintenance

What is Software Maintenance

Software Maintenance is a part of software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Its main objective is to identify and update software application after delivery to correct faults and to improve performances. In software maintenance TechMohalla offers various kinds of activities which includes :OptimizationError CorrectionDeletion of Discarded Features and,Enhancement of Existing Features.

What is Software Consultation

What is Software Consultations

In software consultation TechMohalla advises its clients on how to use software to meet their business objectives or to solve business problems. TechMohalla professionals have both technical and functional skills but emphasis is on functionality. What mainly a software consultants Do ? Identifying and Gathering Business Requirements. Offering Software Solutions to Clients. Recommending Software Development […]

What is Mobile App Development

What is Mobile App Development

Welcome to knowledge sharing section of TechMohalla, a software development and consultations company. In this article we will understand what is mobile application development ? As we can see the devices like mobile has brought revolution in the field of technology . Technology which were considered a very complicated process but in today’s time this […]

What is Digital Marketing & Branding

What is Digital Marketing and Branding

Marketing in a layman language is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services including market research and Advertising (:Google). It is the business process of creating relationships with the satisfied customers . The American Marketing Association defines the term marketing as ” the activity, the set of institutions and process of […]

What is Web Application Development


Web application development is not a jargon but instead it is a very simple term which defines web (www) technology in depth literal meaning. Let us understand what signifies Web Application Development. Before we proceed further in understanding this term we must be well acquainted with the term application program application program . An application […]